Headquarters: Stand 1000, New Stands, Nyabira, ZIMBABWE

Tel: +263 772 255 499 / +263 784 143 657

EMAIL: admin@danemministries.org


DANEM Global Ministries is an international evangelistic ministry that was established in February 2016. Our main objective is to preach the gospel to the whole world. We draw our name directly from the Bible (Matthew 28 v 19). Our mandate is based on the Great Commission as contained in Matthew 28:18-20 as read with Matthew 24:14.

Our mission and ministry are:


i.                To proclaim the Gospel of God to peoples of all nations in obedience to the Great Commission (Mat 28: 18-20, Mat 14:14);

ii.              Preach salvation through Jesus Christ to the whole world; and

iii.            To contribute to the growth of Christ’s kingdom in all spheres of life.


Our motto is “The Gospel Must Go!” which implies that, just as our Lord Jesus Christ commanded, that the gospel should be preached to the whole world as a testimony to all nations, then the end will come. We subscribe to the fact that if any iota is left then it will delay the return of our Lord. We are both a fellowship and missionary sending ministry that empowers and supports evangelists to ensure that they are adequately prepared spiritually, intellectually and materially for the arduous task of taking the gospel to the most remote parts of the globe, to society’s less resourced, underprivileged and most vulnerable. We are real evangelical Christians, simply Christians who take the Great Commission seriously: to go into the world and teach the Gospel as the last instruction by our Lord Jesus Christ before He ascended to heaven and that is something which all Christians should do until his return.

Our holistic ministry aims to redeem the four fundamental aspects of a believer’s life which are - spiritual, physical, social and psychological. We target the promotion of a complete ministry of redemption and regeneration of the mind, body, soul, and spirit via the four-fold ministry of: Proclamation, Fellowship, Service and Liturgy.

Our mission encompasses the operations of 6 key ministries, namely:

i)               DANEM Evangelistic Ministries;

ii)             DANEM Discipleship Training Ministry;

iii)           DANEM Series: Media and Literature Ministry;

iv)           DANEM Care Ministry;

v)             DANEM Empowerment Ministry; and

vi)           DANEM Resources and Accountability Ministry.


At DANEM we value the empowerment of laity through faithful training for effective service in the ministry and local churches as applicable. We believe in and adopt the Person, Teaching and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ as our faithful ministerial foundation and paradigm as revealed in the Scriptures, and recorded in the Holy Bible. As a ministry, our goal is to extend God's blessings to all the families of the nations, local communities and of the earth for His glory in the world today (Ephesians 3: 21).