Headquarters: Stand 1000, New Stands, Nyabira, ZIMBABWE

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DANEM Ministries Global is a missionary ministry that is headquartered in Nyabira, Zimbabwe. It is governed by a Board of Trustees comprising of world renowned preachers of the gospel and philanthropists who are responsible for the general strategic direction of and provides oversight to the ministry. Under the Board is the General Overseer/Principal Minister & Administrator who is responsible for providing general guidance and ensuring accountability for the ministry. There is an Elders’ Council whose role is to serve as an advisory body to the Principal Minister & Administrator and Leadership of the Ministry. There is a Deacon’s Board or Ministry Council that is the highest decision-making Body outside the Ministry’s Board of Trustees.


The ministry also comprises of various departments / sub-ministries:

·      Sunday School/Children’s Ministry

·      Youth Ministry (Arise and Shine)

·      Missions/Evangelism

·      Men’s Fellowship

·      Women’s Fellowship

·      Intercession/Prayer Warriors

·      Praise and Worship Team

·      Choir

·      Ushers and Security

·      Decorations & Hospitality

·      Media & Technology


The Ministry is comprised of six pillar sub-ministries which are fully fledged ministries in themselves. They are run on a day to day basis each by a Senior Pastor/Minister. These are:

1) DANEM Evangelistic Ministries

This day and age has seen the explosion of the mega-church which predictably has been centred on prosperity gospel. While this has been a worldwide phenomenon in the second half of the 20th century, in Zimbabwe, this is a fairly new phenomenon which has evolved the last decade or so. A lot of Bishops, Apostles, Prophets etc have arisen to lead these movements. Most churches today do everything but evangelise. There are all sorts of ministries within the church youth, ladies, men’s ministries and even business ministries but hardly evangelistic ministries of any kind. When they do, the closest they do is asking people to join their churches. We are not here to judge anyone because that’s not our role, but we believe evangelism is about preaching the gospel to those that are lost. DANEM will work to engage in hard core evangelism as a sending ministry targeting remote and oft forgotten areas. We will collaborate with existing bona-fide churches, ministries and other religious organisations to go for outreaches, crusades and evangelising workshops. The Ministry will sponsor men of God to go and plant churches in remote areas and assist with construction of churches in those areas. We will also minister to prisoners and the sick. The sooner we as Christians realise that we are instruments that God has chosen to use and that we need more soul winners as opposed to being armchair Christians, the better.

2) DANEM Discipleship Training Ministry

To achieve our mission objective, there is a pressing need to build capacity in the form of training the disciples who will engage in the actual work of evangelising. We realise that the evangelists need to be adequately and appropriately equipped to carry out this ministry. As one of the five-fold ministries evangelism is the life blood in the veins of any serious Christian organisation and to show that DANEM takes its evangelistic ministry seriously we will ensure that discipleship training support is offered to all those who are prepared to go out. This training will be in the form of:

·      Formal discipleship training

·      Literature support

·      Media support (videos, audio, website)


3) DANEM Series: Media and Literature Ministry

This ministry will concentrate on provision of literature and media materials for entire DANEM Ministry and specifically to support DANEM Discipleship Training Ministry. It will also embrace music ministry, visual, audio and video production and general media presence such as websites, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. It will also incorporate live TV broadcasts of services and events on platforms such as FB and YouTube etc.


4) DANEM Foundation Care Ministry

Any ministry that does not care for society’s underprivileged is not complete in both its mission and substance. Our care ministry, through DANEM Foundation, will provide support (in both cash and in kind) to orphans, widows and the old who cannot easily fend for themselves and are among society’s most vulnerable.


5) DANEM Empowerment Ministry

Based on the adage ‘give a man a fish and you feed them for a day and teach a man to fish and you feed them for life’ DANEM concentrates on teaching and giving upcoming and young adults real-life skills. We believe that the young are the leaders of tomorrow and we need to catch them young. DANEM will provide youths and young adults such as fresh college graduates with the following:

·      Vocational training

·      Youth Professional/Career Development guidance

·      Youth Ministry/Outreaches


6) DANEM Accountability Ministry

As a ministry we believe that we are accountable to God and man. This ministry will ensure the organisation has proper governance/oversight structures and regulatory frameworks (policies, procedures and systems). We will also ensure resources raised to support the Ministry are properly and fully accounted for (to the last cent). This will include providing oversight to and holding partners whom we support accountable for use of allocated resources.

As a matter of policy, DANEM will not take tithes, first fruits or seedings for prosperity but we do take offerings, thanksgivings and partnerships for those who would like to contribute towards Kingdom work and ultimately to the growth of God's Kingdom. This pledge was made by the Under-Shepard when God planted the ministry into him. Most people now believe that some people start ministries or churches to make money. For these people, it has become church business instead of business of the church. And this is true for some but not for all. We do not want the issue of money, real or perceived, to detract from our core mission – preaching the gospel of Christ.

The Under-Shepard believes that if man does not fund this ministry, then God himself, the Founder, will provide the resources required to carry out His work through DANEM ministry. Besides, all silver and gold belong to God (Habakkuk 2 v 8) and the earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof (Psalm 24v1). The Under-Shepard started and has to date run this ministry primarily from personal resources which God blessed Him and His family with. DANEM welcomes contributions from any individual or organisation who wants to worship God with their substance and partner us in the work of proclaiming the word of God to His people Link to partner with danem.

All contributions are accounted for in full and disclosed accordingly (unless where the benefactor requires anonymity). Full accounts will be drawn regularly and shared with 


Do you want to honour God with your substance and give a free will offering to God (2 Tim 2 v 20-21; Luke 8 v 1-3; 2 Cor 9 v 7). You can support the work of the gospel through the various projects that DANEM is carrying out and contribute to the growth of the kingdom of God, freewill partnership payments are open. Kindly approach the Principal Administrator with your freewill offerings, thanksgiving or partnership contributions in any currency. Currently we are undertaking the following projects that need funding: 

Fencing our DANEM Ministries Global HQ plot, # 1000 New Stands, Nyabira, Zimbabwe

Construction of the Global HQ comprising a convention centre, a church auditorium, offices, ablution facilities and related facilities

Construction of church for our second DANEM branch at Std 1, Garasadza B/Centre, Gutu, Zimbabwe

Support to roving Sunday services which are held in different remote compounds, townships and places to bring the gospel to the masses who would otherwise not get an opportunity

Outright evangelism missions and gospel outreaches to different towns, cities and remote rural areas in Zimbabwe, Africa and the entire world.   

We are also looking for churches and like-minded organisations that we can collaborate with in the preaching of the gospel to approach us and let us know how we can work together in advancing the kingdom work of the Kingdom. Your contribution in cash or in kind can make the difference in facilitating us to carry out the last mandate given to all believers by our Lord Jesus Christ – the Great Commission. Contact the Principal Minister and Administrator of DANEM, Apostle Dr. Nabo Muravu, on the following details 

Mobile: +263 772 255 499 / +1 771 201 2478

Email: admin@danemministries.org 

DANEM Global Headquarters